500 Likes On Facebook Page..

I was reading through a forum post today, and saw a complaint by an unhappy costumer of a company. The person flew with an air company, they lost the luggage, had really terrible customer care and finally he visited their Facebook Fan Page and ranted there.

To best it, people treated him very terrible, posting truly uncomfortable comments, etc.

It had been a very terrible experience for your man and sure isn’t a way to manage a Facebook Fan Page.

This got me thinking about a few other pages I’ve seen over these few years I have been using Facebook, so I would like to help remind all of us (not simply you, but me too) what exactly is a wrong method to operate your Facebook Fan Page.

How To Get Real Likes On Facebook

1. You might have no image, information, hyperlink to your blog/company

This is the biggest problem on all social websites I have used. It is one from the top 10 main reasons why you shed Twitter fans kind Facebook be any different.

Depending on your page’s purpose, there are different images you can use. In the event the page is approximately you, you need to place your photo into it. If it is a Facebook Fan Page for the company, you are able to place a logo of your own business. If it is a page for your blog you are able to crop part of your header and then use it as the page picture (should you don’t have a logo and don’t want your image).

You must have info section filled in. You have to tell people what the web page is approximately. Not everybody will discover your page after they’ve visited your blog. In case a buddy suggested the page to a person, and he/she goes toward give it a look, it is the initial experience together with your company. Ensure you inform your potential customers about every thing the web page is approximately.

If you made the page to market your blog, internet business, or anything at all online, you must have a link to it. Facebook is easily the most visited website in the world and it may be a excellent supply of site visitors (earnings) for you personally. Ensure you demonstrate to them the road to your blog.

2. You never visit your Facebook Fan Page

Indeed, you can find people that produce a web page and think which is the only factor they should do. Properly, individuals won’t just come and like your web page. So either you are going to see your web page and handle it, or perhaps you better begin spending some funds on Facebook advertisements.

You work with marketing your blog/web site/business? Well, exact same thing is true of your Facebook Fan Page. It is an extension of your own company which means you should address it as one.

3. You don’t respond to anyone on your web page

Are you working to make money on the internet? Who may be gonna cause you to those funds? People!!! Which means you need as numerous individuals that you can get. They should have a look at your provide and ideally buy.

How will you buy them to accomplish what you need? Make sure they are be thankful. Help them with what actually they need. Get in touch with them and demonstrate to them you care.

Just how long could it take you to reply to a question on your own page? 5 minutes? Which is all it can take that you should help a person in need. And this individual would likely become the perfect following consumer.

Should you leave them hanging with no solution to get a month, not simply will they discover the solution elsewhere, they are going to purchase elsewhere.

Respond to any or all posts, links and questions in your web page. It is your page and you are the one that should ensure it is intriquing, notable and stay.
4. You post only links, there is not any interaction

If you article only links for your new blog articles, you could as well delete your web page. The people reading your blog will already know what exactly is into it, kind they love your page. New people who run into it, will spot a wall filled with links and many probably they will likely not like the page.

The simplest way to start interacting with your fans is publishing a standing every once in awhile. You can accomplish it each day, several times each day or every couple of days. It is your choice. This can be a wonderful way to get comments from people by requesting them simple questions.

You have a new article idea however, you want some additional info before you write it? Request your fans! Yes, it is as simple as that!

5. You post hyperlinks that have no connection with your niche what so actually

You need to article hyperlinks other than yours, but if your page is about women clothing, publishing a web link to “how to find cool wheels for your Camaro” won’t really work for your fans.

You need to maintain a “concept” on your web page like you do on your blog. Needless to say you ought to article appropriate links to assist your fans but there is reasons why they love your web page – they want particular information.

The following is an illustration of this a tricky web page and a terrible method of doing it. I have seen a girl which has a Fiverr gig (an internet site where you could employ individuals for 5$) in which she proposes to discuss your web page/blog/no matter what along with her fans. There are other than 10.000 fans around the web page. I actually have seen the wall of this web page and she shared numerous links into it. Huge percentage of feedback say “The reasons you keep publishing these stupid pages” and other things. Now here are 2 things which are wrong with this particular:

people enjoyed the page for what it needed to provide, for your name. Let’s say (for instance) the page name is “Maintain your fingers of my boyfriend”. Are you aware the amount of girls, women, teenagers will like that web page? Hundreds. However the only cause the page was developed would be to produce many fans. The wall structure has links from cooking food recipes to men shoes and engine essential oil!

2nd thing is that you actually don’t desire to be over a page that way. Now this may not be directly connected with what you do on your own web page, however you ought to treat your page seriously and never let it function as the item of these offers and comments. So if you don’t want to be a “victim” of feedback like that, why can you want someone to be the “victim” on your page!?
6. You don’t allow posts out of your enthusiasts

Why would you do that? The complete point of bringing in men and women to your business is communicating with them. You won’t accomplish anything if one makes them listen but won’t listen back again!

Allow articles from enthusiasts and communicate.
7. You allow bad words and nasty comments to have on your own page

Constructive judgments is usually OK. Someone saying they don’t agree with you is OK. But don’t permit bad terms and insults on the fan page. Why allow someone insult you merely because they don’t like you?

Could you let someone work like that in your house? Absolutely not. So don’t permit it there. Delete each of the nasty comments and insults. When the individual continues just remove him from fans and document him to Facebook.

You must do this to maintain your web page clean. Individuals will value you removing those…hm, idiots.
8. You allow your enthusiasts to be insulted

This one is very linked to the earlier one. You don’t wish to be bullied so don’t let your enthusiasts be bullied.

Let’s return to the story right from the start. The biggest error the business made was allowing all of the insults. Web page admin must have put a stop with it instantly.

What that company doesn’t comprehend is that this: you shed him being a consumer from your terrible service…don’t you think other people will leave whenever they see what went down. And what he underwent on the page!
9. You permit any kind of hyperlinks on the web page

This can be once again connected to amount 5. It is OK… no, it is excellent to let individuals article some of their hyperlinks on your own page. But don’t allow just anything.

Make sure the posts are based on your topic. Don’t permit posts to spammy blogs and websites. Don’t permit articles to sale pitches. Don’t even permit posts to pages which can be filled with affiliate hyperlinks and advertisements, it is all things considered your business, why could you send out your fans to many other companies.

Should I even need to help remind you not to permit hyperlinks to porn sites, gambling, kid abuse, pet misuse, politics, racial and spiritual content, and so on.

10. You don’t have preferred pages listed

What are those, I hear you may ask.

Preferred pages are outlined at the bottom in the left sidebar on your Facebook Page, just between your fans and hyperlinks.

Why should you include preferred pages? Properly, it is not really a must of course. However, you link to other weblogs from the posts so just why not display some love to your preferred pages also. And it expenses no link liquid. I auqeaj a couple of pages but plan to include all the pages from blogs I follow.

I actually think it will help my fans discover more once they see what my favorite weblogs have to offer. So once again, the objective is to help them by giving them all info they may be thinking about.