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When people began writing a blog years ago, it was an outlet; a means of expressing yourself for the world at big. It absolutely was as personal since it was anonymous. It absolutely was liberating and it also was interesting. It absolutely was such a powerful way of expression that it wasn’t long before company owners myself included jumped around the bandwagon and began revealing a bit of them selves together with their work. Being a photographer, writing a blog grew to become as important as possessing a web site or an e-mail address. Sadly, additionally, it wasn’t long before we drove this bandwagon into a dump. It absolutely was right concerning the time we learned about SEO…the sacred grail of marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization truly isn’t new. To get one’s name on the market, to obtain around the almighty first page of Google, and to direct targeted traffic to one’s Internet site isn’t new either; it’s the lengths which all of us now go that’s as sad as it is scary. If the content of blogs gets to be a casualty in in the quest for SEO, it’s time to have a look at what we’re placing on the market. Or, much more appropriately, what we aren’t. In an attempt to make our blogs SEO-content-wealthy, we continuously create a lot more posts which can be well, content-poor.

Take, for example, the case in the photography blog. Instead of “Michelle and Tom’s Wedding,” you are going to much more likely read, “Orange Area Wedding Photographer: Michelle and Tom’s Wedding: Summit House, Fullerton.” Truly? Being a title? C’mon. Did we actually forget Michelle and Tom in an effort to get all of those other SEO-pleasant verbiage in there? And, truthfully, should we ever post anything at all about Michelle and Tom that doesn’t market us? Could be the “tale” not riddled with hyperlinks to many other sites and suppliers that might get us seen by the notoriously fickle Google God? Okay, so this is what we need to do. We’ve reconciled yourself to this particular truth. But, hey, we can always use our blogs to add in just a little about yourself in between, right? We can discuss just a little of our own tale to mitigate the flagrant personal-promotion included in our work. Can we? Truly?

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I went to another photographer’s blog once i was doing a bit of study for my own, personal blog’s design. It absolutely was around Christmastime. They were revealing some holiday mindset by posting some of their own images from Thanksgiving. It absolutely was beautiful. There was a roaring fire within the fire place. There was members of the family snuggled up in cozy sweaters and wool tosses. Visitors were wearing knitted scarves and woolen hats with dangly ear-flaps since they played board video games in your kitchen. Here’s the situation: I’m within the exact same coobdo city as that photographer; and it also was nearly 90 levels on Thanksgiving! Hyperbole? Perhaps. I think it’s more than this though. I think the need to develop a dream edition of one’s own life to promote a product is much more probably the case.

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People purchase solutions, visit sites, and read blogs due to the way these solutions, sites, and blogs make them feel. That’s the base line. It’s often the reader’s necessity for get away that leads them there in first place. To take part in someone else’s missing-through-life-whilst-coming-bubbles “reality” is really a heady call certainly. I just believe it’s unfortunate their need to believe it is almost as strong a call since the poster’s must have it believed. Somewhere in all this, we’ve forgotten just what the blog was about in the first place.