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I have always had a thin top lip, which has been more obvious when I smiled. I had formerly considered cosmetic lip tattooing to offer my lips more definition, however when I attended a consultation using a local Beautician about this procedure I altered my mind after viewing her before and right after photos. A number of her ‘after’ photos created the customers look like these people were wearing really Theatrical makeup, or like a Clown – in any case it just didn’t look natural. Later on, when I mentioned this to a buddy, she informed me about the non-medical Botox treatment Lip Improvement process she’d been having lately in addition to the regular Botox treatment remedies she needed to eliminate frown lines. She stated it was actually a new Advanced Botox procedure, and just a few 100 bucks. I hadn’t noticed any difference in her face, but right after she’d mentioned it, I could notice that her lips looked nice and plump, and also completely natural. And So I made an appointment to have my top lip improved with Botox as well.

When I went to the visit I used to be recommended that Botox can be painful when administered into the lip region, however I have done not get the process very painful. I used to be not provided any kind of relief of pain, my lips had been cleaned and 4 injections created together my top lip (one both sides of the Cupid’s Bow and one either side further along). It absolutely was an extremely quick procedure. I was able to feel a sting as the needle went in, however it was bearable as well as the needle seemed to be removed rapidly with no after-discomfort on the shot sites whatsoever.

The way that I comprehended it if it was described for me by the Practitioner was that Botox will make my top lip appear fuller by contracting a few of the muscles in the top lip region, it would slightly draw my top lip up. I used to be also told that after the process I would personally probably struggle to ‘whistle’ or drink through a straw till the outcomes of the procedure work away (in numerous weeks time). I was also asked to sign a record to state I understood that the procedure is not officially authorized for Botox use. I used to be informed the method had been a relatively new discovery about the usage of Botox treatment.

On returning home through the visit, I could notice the distinction immediately in the mirror. My top lip was fuller – specifically when smiling. I no longer enjoyed a thin top lip when I smiled, nonetheless it was so all-natural looking it wasn’t over-apparent plus it didn’t noticeably change my general face look. As my lip area failed to appear ‘plumped up’ (like with cosmetic ‘fillers’) it just gave me a rather fuller smile and better searching lip area. It looked like a very satisfying result.

Though there was no pain or some bruising after you have the procedure, inside the hours afterwards I encountered a down-side to having it done. It didn’t trouble me i couldn’t whistle, and I was warned that I may be unable to consume coming from a straw, nevertheless I rapidly and unexpectedly realised which it was actually extremely tough for me personally now to consume from a cup! It experienced like I had no control within the center portion of my top lip as well as the area above it. Even though it didn’t really really feel paralyzed after i was trying to drink from the cup, I just couldn’t use each of the typical muscles I have to usually use to possess a consume. Once I visited consume from a mug it experienced like my top lip was hanging out within the top of my bottom lip and I really spilled some of my drink down the front side of me! Exactly the same thing also happened after brushing my teeth after i visited wash my mouth out right after brushing, a little liquid would dribble down my face or onto the front side of my clothes. Inside the weeks subsequent this procedure these issues persisted and i also will have to truly ‘concentrate’ to not spill any fluids after i was drinking or brushing my teeth!

In addition, i at first observed that my lip area felt more natural/comfy in uncommon roles when I wasn’t smiling. For about the first week, with a normally closed mouth, it experienced comfy for my top lip to hold rested completely on the top of my bottom lip. That is not just a natural appear – and in case searching inside the looking glass when keeping my lip area in this way, I certainly searched strange (or even slightly facially deformed!). I bought ofdzed to keeping my lip area with each other correctly over the following few days and also this issue subsided. I also observed that I was now in a position to easily pucker up my lips enough that my top lip could now easily sign up for approximately my nose, which I really could make an unusual “V” shape with my top lip – Great if you’re into tugging encounters although not attractive!

General I found the procedure an excellent, inexpensive and quick solution for my slim grin, though the down edges with it – particularly not finding it very easy to consume coming from a cup, may actually make me think again before obtaining the process completed again. I’m undecided, I guess it depends on how much I end up missing my bigger smile!