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As the owner/webmaster/developer/marketer of various extremely-trafficked sites, I receive a lot more than my fair share of spam that somehow creeps through the filters we have in place. Even though a lot of the junk I receive is some variant of the usual scam about transferring large sums of cash coming from a political refugee’s off-shore bank accounts to mine (some of these are quite funny and creative), lately there’s been a massive boost in emails from marketing and advertising companies providing their services.

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While I normally do not read the junk I get, I needed some free time this evening at my resort while attending the WebmasterWorld Pubcon Expo in Las Vegas. One e-mail specifically stood out from the rest and incredibly got me taking into consideration the extremely negative effects of hiring a bad company to market your internet site.

Here is the way the e-mail will go (real names happen to be changed so I do not get sued):

Subject: Search engines Jagger Up-date


How did your rankings fare within the newest up-date? It is looking like Search engines is heading a lot more in the direction of content. The days of tricks and hacks have ended. Your site needs to be focusing on 3 items to make sure long term Search Engine Search rankings.

1. Website structure: This is optimization, your site, the way it is structured needs to be easy for search engines to read, determine what you really are and locate keywords and phrases.

2. Links: Still build links, avoid a single-way, non-reciprocal back links if possible.

3. Content: Search engines is favoring sites which can be big in content, as well as the content needs to be very related to your business. They may be beginning to lean in the direction of ontology. If your website is about parachutes, then Google will even search for words like, plane, jump, skies, leap safety, leap companies, hangliding, para-sailing, skydiving, etc.

We have a number of issues with this email, the first and most significant which would be the fact it’s spam. If Joe really realized the best way to market a website while he promises, he wouldn’t must send out spam to locate new customers. Customers would discover his site them selves through search engines like google, banner ads, text links, PPC, or any other ethical kinds of generating traffic.

An additional big issue using this email will be the inaccurate information it contains. To begin with, Google has been centered on great content for a long time now, and thus hold the other search engine listings. This isn’t anything at all new as Joe indicates. You can find so may poser SEOs available that just do not obtain it, and it also can be quite frustrating sometimes trying to find useful information in discussion boards these days with the noise.

Next, his “tip” about connecting is grossly inaccurate. Joe Blow says to prevent a single-way, non-reciprocal hyperlinks? This is simply not true whatsoever. A great combination of mutual linking with authorities in your business as well as relevant a single-way inbound links appears more “natural” to the major search engines. Your website should also link to source sites or any other high quality sites that the customers may discover helpful, even when they do not hyperlink back to you in exchange. It’s not about tricking search engines like google. It is also not about connecting for any site that will link back to you personally. Your “link neighborhood” tells search engines a lot concerning your site and when you can’t tell what your internet site is about simply by reading the title of the webpages that link to you, you are performing a problem.

After looking at his e-mail I examined Joe Blow’s web site, and it also was just because i believed. No inbound links, no content, a terrible inner linking framework, and key phrase-stuffing all through. Appears like Joe doesn’t practice what he preaches. How could anyone hire an online marketing company that cannot even have their very own website ranked well? Should not your personal web site become your best lafptr study to demonstrate your talents and earn the trust of prospective clients?

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Should you get junk or a telephone solicitation offering online marketing solutions, remove it or hang up up instantly. Legitimate website marketing companies do not need to make use of email spam or telemarketing to get business, they rely on the web. I cringe once i think about the companies that will respond to Joe’s offer and wind up investing money without seeing outcomes. It can make it much harder for knowledgable marketers to make a client’s trust after they have been burnt, plus it gives the SEO industry in general a bad reputation that it doesn’t deserve.